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Other Animals

The Monkeys' Animal Friends

All of Willie's land is dedicated to the well-being of animals. The Sanctuary is home to many domestic and wild animals that Willie has rescued and these animals play a valuable part in the monkeys' daily lives by enriching their environment.

The monkeys interact with swans, geese, chickens and guinea fowl who visit their islands and they are stimulated by watching the goats, emus and pot-bellied pigs who are free to roam where they wish. The horses sometimes wander by and Willie's ten dogs add to the excitement on their regular runs around the lake.

The Sanctuary is also a wonderful refuge for a great deal of wildlife species, including Mallard Duck, Moorhens, bats and frogs, an occasional otter and numerous species of birds who have found this unspoilt wooded, wetland habitat laying in the midst of farmland.

Four parrots, two peacocks, two cats and plenty of pigeons also live at the Sanctuary.

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